Always leave feeling better!


Pilates by Amanda

offers dynamic Pilates certain to deliver dynamic results. Our Duet, Trio, Quad and circuit classes are intimate and focus on total body conditioning and are never the same. We bring variety and fun to your workout. We deliver the BEST Pilates sessions in Rockville Maryland. Our certified, expert instructors provide a safe, effective, total body workout certain to bring you results.

Always leave feeling better!


Our Workout 


Our studio offers Stott and Peak Pilates equipment in a clean and tidy environment. All of our workouts consist of no impact, closed chain exercises taught by qualified instructors who give you step-by-step instructions. 


Pilates utilizes key elements of resistance and counter-resistance to strengthen, tone and elongate your muscles. Working on our reformers/towers/chairs will help improve endurance, increase flexibility and postural alignment, and restores the body's natural balance. 


No class is ever the same! You will apply different movement each class to help shock your body to promote change and will always be pushed to the next level. You will quickly see and feel the effects.


Our classes will leave you feeling relaxed, worked out and happy. Not only do we love Pilates but we work hard and have fun doing it!

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620 Hungerford Dr.

2nd Floor ste #27

Rockville, MD 20850



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Monday 8am-7:45pm

Tuesday 8am-8pm

Wednesday 8am-7:30pm

Thursday 8am-8pm

Friday 8am-2pm
Sat: 7am - 2pm
Sun: 8am-10am